What Color Should Your Eyes Be?

People say that your eye color can effect you personality, is it true? You tell me in the comments! What color should your eyes be to match your personality?

Are you shy? Outgoing? A clean freak? How do these simple personality traits effect your eyes? To find out just take the quiz! Thanks, don't forget to comment and rate!

Created by: CeeCeeXD
  1. Hello! How are you?
  2. Time for questions! You are mostly found...
  3. Do you enjoy time alone or the company of others?
  4. How's you personal life?(Sorry, not trying to be creepy).
  5. What kind of music do you listen to?(I know it seems irrelevant, but it isn't).
  6. Would you rather... Die for someone and then they die too OR have the person die knowing you were the only one who could save them, and didn't.
  7. Do you get along with people on a regular basis?
  8. Favorite eye color on the opposite gender?
  9. How clean are you?
  10. Describe your personality in one word.
  11. Thanks! A shout out to ACB for the quiz idea! First TWO comments with ideas get shout outs on that quiz! Don't forget to rate and comment! Thanks again! Bye!

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Quiz topic: What Color should Ir Eyes Be?