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  • I tied with yellow and green, great quiz!

    Random101 Dec 18 '15, 7:38PM
  • i am white "god-like"

    darkheart2 Jul 12 '15, 5:48PM
  • I got Gold... nice.

    PebbleBoi Jun 1 '15, 12:44AM
  • I got yellow,i got pink at the others but its okay.Yellow and pink are cute mates so,there! :D

    Liney Mar 18 '15, 7:59AM
  • Yellow! I wish I got blue because blue is so pretty ^_^

    Iceblue Feb 25 '15, 12:16AM
  • Your quiz is full of fail and can only descrbe idiots! My friend is too perfect for this quiz and you're too stupid to be making something like this! DIE!

    haterofmorons4 Nov 23 '14, 12:37AM
  • I got equal score for black and red.

    RoyaltieFallen Oct 15 '14, 12:39AM
  • Blue is my aura. Yay blue is a pretty aura. Its right that I'm calm all the time mostly.

    fluffykitten11 Aug 2 '14, 12:44PM
  • Black. Of course.

    Satana Jun 30 '14, 11:48AM
  • My color was red totally me, agresive at times but nice, kind, and I try to find a logical way out of things. Great quiz.

    Garrethwolf May 7 '14, 7:54PM
  • My aura is Violet/Indigo/Laven der

    Zebramoon Apr 2 '14, 6:39PM
  • What color is your aura?
    Your Result: Violet/Indigo/Laven der

    You are intuitive and sensitive, with an almost magical, artistic view on the world and everyone in it. You never look down on someone because in your eyes, everyone is special. You have the most incredible imagination. But this can annoy a lot of people because you tend to daydream quite a lot.

    kaitlynrose13 Feb 26 '14, 4:27PM
  • Okay, I got red. I REALLY wanted to get violet, cuz that's my favorite color, but I like red too, and OH MY GOSH IT WAS SPOT ON HOLY CRAP. Anyway. So. Good job.

    creativecat Nov 15 '13, 4:26PM
  • Your aura is a pure state of light. It often represents a new, not yet designated energy in the aura. You have spiritual, etheric and non-physical qualities. There's something strange about you, almost god-like. You are purity and truth personified. One strange thing about you: you tend to know when someone is pregnant or soon to be pregnant.

    Nightgaze Mar 3 '13, 6:18PM
  • i got white which is accurate xD everyone has told me i have a white aura which is an insanely rare aura and some ppl told me it comes only once every couple of thousands of years o.o (dunno if thats true) add me :3 add me on fb also Vance Gabriel Jr.

    Nightgaze Mar 3 '13, 6:14PM
  • I got silver. Kinda accurate. I can see my own aura, just not others. Mine is like a silver tinted with aqua.

    Mistyheart13 Feb 20 '13, 3:42PM
  • Black.
    Actually... I'm not surprised, ahehe.
    Fun quiz.

    Sollux Captor Oct 9 '12, 4:31PM
  • :O I'm the only one who got Gold?

    kittykit Jul 23 '12, 7:29PM
  • yep! yellow describes me perfectly!

    secret8 Jun 14 '12, 5:18PM
  • tecnically i didnt have to take this quiz cuz i have a gift too see peoples auras anyways cool right!!???

    meow15 Apr 5 '12, 7:47PM
  • I got GOLD!! the description was lovely! xD

    kittykit Feb 20 '12, 11:06AM
  • Your Result: Red

    You are powerful, energetic, competitive, sexual, passionate, and you have great confidence in yourself and others. You are a very creative person but find you can be very angry or immature at times. You are also very realistic and logical when it comes to solving

    Sounds like me execpt for the sexual part, which I'm not.

    _celloplayer_ Nov 21 '11, 10:55PM

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