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  • its yellow....and it fits on me

    rabiya shahid
  • Your Result: Rainbow

    You'r personality is a little bit of everything in the rainbow. From Smart to friendly to creative and most importantly, to earth-loving. You love the experience of life and everything in it. You are a truely amazing person with wonderful hopes and dreams that are likely to come true. :)

    Aw[no urls]!

  • Purple. Good quiz.

  • What color are you?
    Your Result: Purple

    You are a smart and sporty person. You love school/work most of the time depending on the days, and you really love sports. You like getting out every day to do different creative outside things. You know rights and wrongs and you enjoy doing some work of school/work.

  • I'm more blue than I am purple. =P Purple's my favorite color though.

  • Blue

    You are a cool, calming person who enjoys the company of you'r family and friends and getting a chance to play in the hot summer days. You are a sociable person with respect of the Earth and love of nature.

    Im not a calming person. I hate company from family and friends(all people). I hate playing outside. Im not sociable. And i hate nature.


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