What clique do you fit into?

Have you ever wondered what clique you belong in?If you have,then this is the quiz for you!There are five different cliques in this quiz:popular,nerdy,goth/emo,average and gifted.

Basically,all you have to do is answer the following questions honestly,sit back,and wait for the results!Before you know it, you'll know what clique you belong in!

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  1. What do you do in your spare time?
  2. How many friends do you have?
  3. Do you like school?
  4. What is your greatest talent?
  5. What are the grades you get most often?
  6. What word best describes you?
  7. What is your favorite colour?
  8. What colour is your hair?
  9. What colour are your eyes?
  10. On a scale of one to ten,how outgoing are you?

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Quiz topic: What clique do I fit into?