What Clan Are You In?(Warriors)

Warriors fight for their Clan.Do want to be in a Warrior Clan?BEING ONE OF THEM IS GREAT!!!! DO YOU WANT TO BE IN A CLAN? DO YOU WANT TO HAVE CLANMATES TO BE AT YOUR SIDE?

Are you the right person to be a Clan cat? This is the right quiz to find it out.Are you brave? Are you clever? Are you proud?Check it out by doing this quiz!

Created by: Firestar
  1. What would you do when you are a cat in a clan?
  2. Do you like fighting in a forest when you are a cat in a clan?
  3. (If you answered 'no' in question 4,please finish this.If not,select '#')Do you like swimming?
  4. Do you like to be in the Three?
  5. Would you want to be a leader?(like Firestar,Mistystar,Onestar,Blackstar,etc.)
  6. (If you answered 'no' in question 7,please finish this.If not,select '#')Do you want to be a deputy?
  7. (If you answered 'no' in question 8,please finish this.If not,select '#')Do you want to be a medicine cat?
  8. (If you answered 'no' in question 9,please finish this.If not,select '#')Why don't you want to be with great power?
  9. Do you want to be a cat?
  10. Is this quiz helpful?

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Quiz topic: What Clan am I In?(Warriors)