What Cinnamon Girl Character are You?

Have you ever read the Cinnamon Girl book series by Cathy Hopkins? All storys star one troubled Gemini: India Jane Repunsoil, daughter of a Italian Count.

What girl are you? Zarah, Leeah, Brook, Erin or India? Are you black and white or multicoloured? What girl are YOU? Hope you take and like this quiz on the popular teen read!

Created by: CinnamonLover

  1. Hi! So, lets start with the basics. How are you?
  2. Good, good. How do you act?
  3. Dosh scale? (trancelation: How wealthy are you?)
  4. Complexion?
  5. Hair texture?
  6. Party fashion?
  7. Dream boy?
  8. Lipgloss colour?
  9. Brainy scale?
  10. Sneaker colour?

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Quiz topic: What Cinnamon Girl Character am I?