What Chocolate Box Girl are You?

Chocolate Box Girls is a series of 5 books, and a smaller one about Shay, all about 5 sisters. Their dad, or stepdad, works at a chocolate workshop and their lives are full of drama!

What sister are you most like? Honey, Cherry, Skye, Coco or Summer? Take this quiz to find out and, even better, READ THE BOOK! All the books are by Cathy Cassidy and are found in Teen Reads section.

Created by: Cathy Cassidy Fan #1
  1. What do you want to be when you're older?
  2. What is your homework book like?
  3. Where would your perfect day be spent?
  4. The first page you turn to in a magazine is...?
  5. What is your favourite sweet treat?
  6. At a party your usually found...?
  7. Your fashion style is...?
  8. How old do you act for your age?
  9. In your friendship group, your...
  10. What book is your favourite or your looking forward to?
  11. And finally, what is your favourite subject?

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Quiz topic: What Chocolate Box Girl am I?