Which Cathy Cassidy Character are you?

Are YOU a HUGE Cathy Cassidy fan, like me!? Have you read all her books? Dizzy Scarlett Lucky Star Driftwood Angel Cake Indigo Blue Sundae Girl, and Ginersnaps? Have you ever found yourself wondering...

WHICH CATHY CASSIDY CHARACTER ARE YOU? Take this quiz if you are wondering which Character you are most like, Strong? Like Scarlett Quiet? Like Indigo Or perhaps a Great Friend, like Hannah? Take this quiz, and find out!

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  1. You find school :
  2. Your best friend tells you who she's crushing on, when she tells you, your thinking:
  3. Your Ideal date would be:
  4. Your ideal Outfit would be:
  5. Your ideal out... on a guy:
  6. Your favourite school subject is:
  7. Your feeling a bit peckish, what do you snack on?
  8. Complete this sentence. My life:
  9. Pick One:
  10. Pick Another: (Random)

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Quiz topic: Which Cathy Cassidy Character am I?