What Character do You play in Your Family?

Well, this is a sort of... personality quiz. Are you the Health Nut of the family? The Athlete? The Nerd? The Caretaker? The Troublemaker? Or something else?

Find out in the AMAZING quiz :) And maybe, after this, you should look up "Written in the Stars" on Youtube. DANG! I love that song! :3 So... ya. Take the quiz.

Created by: Written in the Stars

  1. What are you found doing in the morning?
  2. What are you found doing around noon?
  3. What are you doing around dinner time?
  4. What are you doing right before bed?
  5. Nothing else Matters :)
  6. ♪♪♪Written in the stars, a million miles away, a message to the main... the seasons come and go, but i'll never change, im on my way!
  7. ♫♫♫You would not believe your eyes...
  8. 3 more q's...
  9. Hilo.
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Quiz topic: What Character do I play in my Family?