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  • preppy

    you love school you study with your select group of friends and you have never got anything less than a 98 on a report card if someone needs help you there the help them and you never get in trouable

    I'm not preppy at all. This paragraph is probably describing nerdy though. I am kind of nerdy. Good quiz!

  • I got trouble maker. That's not really true, I've never got a detention, referral form, or anything.I thought it was funny that I got trouble maker. Sorry if I offended the quiz maker, just being honest. But I did like this quiz!

  • What do I wear to school? Hmm generally my school uniform is always a good way to go. My school Cares more for the uniform than anything else lol. I got Preppy even though I wouldn't really see myself that way

  • I like it but I don't get 98% and higher all the time :p

  • love this quiz so awesome YOLO

    arielle jackson
  • preppy?? well its not WRONG.

  • hey this is arielle thanks for all the nice comments:)

    arielle jackson

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