what are you talking about

There are lots of funny, random and weird things. I'm sure this quiz is one of them! I called my quiz what are you talking about because when you see some of the questions thats what you'll say. The quiz isn't all on one thing. It has all sorts of different qustions! There are a few different results, depending on what answers you pick you get one. Today you could learn something about you by taking this quiz.

What special trait do you think you'll get? I hope it's one you like. Do you think it will be? You can surley find out now, so start clicking on answers!

Created by: savannah

  1. what do you love?
  2. how do you think people describe you
  3. are you a human?
  4. are you a garweerel guoompy?
  5. how many qustions do you think this quiz has? HEY! No ppeking at all! it takes away the fun
  6. what do you think of this quiz?
  7. what does aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa mean?
  8. eeeek arrrrrgagooolash meekeefungee do you like that phrase in any way?
  9. do you like this quiz?
  10. whats your favorite?

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