Attention! If you are hilarious in your opinion, take this!!

Alright, please take this quiz if you find yourself funny. Because it's rather helpful when you want to calm the world down. And if you know someone who finds themselves funny, have them take this, too.

So go take it! It may or may not have some decent advice for you, depending on how you answer. Thank you for taking the time to do this quiz and learn some things about your humor.

Created by: Funnycalmer

  1. Did you know that if you consider yourself hilarious, than most other people find you annoying?
  2. Okay, go tell someone your best joke and come back. What's the closest thing to what they said?
  3. What do you think they considered you as?
  4. Which happens most often when you tell someone a joke? (Definition next to the emoji.)
  5. O-kay. That's all. You'll learn more with your result.
  6. Will you take the advice of this quiz?
  7. I need ten questions, so I'm wasting space here.
  8. Have you read or heard the Betty Botter nursery rhyme? (No effect.)
  9. Only this question and the last one! (No effect)
  10. โš ๐Ÿšฉ This has an effect!!!!! Bye!

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Quiz topic: Attention! If you are hilarious in my opinion, take this!!