PICKLES!!! The #1 Random-ness Quiz

Do you thiny you're random? Well, if you're strange and don't know, a random person is a funny person that says things that have absolutely no relation to the topic anyone is talking about. This is THE #1 random-ness quiz in the world.

Are you random? This quiz features aimless questions with really pointless answers, but you have to pick the right random answer. You will get a percentage at the end that will tell you if you are random...GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!

Created by: Sara Ruth
  1. First of all, on a scale of 1 to 3 how many...HEDGEHOG
  2. Cumquats are attacking!!!
  3. Pick a letter and number combonation
  4. Which name is cooler(for a boy to have)
  5. Which name is cooler(for a girl to have)
  6. ?
  7. *_- is a wierd smiley. Pick your most used smiley from the ones below
  8. _______\o/________/\_______ SAVE HIM!!!!!
  9. What would you say if i asked you out? pretend i am any gender so being boy/girl is not a problem
  10. pick the most random thing of all of these
  11. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! wait, why am i laughing?

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