Which TV Talking Head are you?

Everyone has seen the talking heads on Tv. But have you ever wondered which one you most resemble? This quiz will show you. You will find out what your major pros and cons are in the political and rhetorical field.

The people this quiz compares you to three Tv personalities in the 8:00 time slot. I tried to be as fair as I could, but I've never done this before, so it' not perfect. Hope you like it!

Created by: Anonymous of Reality Has A Liberal Bias
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  1. The most important political issue for you is which of the following?
  2. Would you prevent somebody from speaking their opinion? Or would you just rebut them?
  3. Would you try to be sensational to get attention?
  4. CNN, MSNBC, or Fox?
  5. Would you use sarcasm, name-calling, or shouting in an argument?
  6. Would you lie for the sake of an argument?
  7. What is more important; substance or sensation?
  8. Would you point out a lie in someone's argument to bolster your own?
  9. Would you try to entertain, but still inform your audience?
  10. If you made a speech on something, would people walk away with a clear sense of your opinions?

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Quiz topic: Which TV Talking Head am I?