What are you autobot or decepticon?

you about to see if you are an autobot or decepticon, good or evil, light or dark, yin or yang. move on you need to stop reading this. MOVE IT MOVE IT. I LIKE TO MOVE IT MOVE IT. SHE LIKE TO MOVE IT. HE LIKE TO MOVE IT MOVE IT.

The test is easy or hard, bad or okay, boring or fun. this gets weird so here you go. move on to the quiz all ready you need to do the quiz stop reading this move on or A MALET WILL HIT YOU ON THE HEAD. LOOK OUT.

Created by: Shadowsoulmaster
  1. You see a car with no one in side it and moves on its own you do what.
  2. you see some one being ganged up on what do you do.
  3. you have 2 flavored cupcakes and they are both tasty wich do you choose.
  4. There is a fork in the road what now.
  5. What is your least liked color out of these.
  6. The water glass is full then split how much is left.
  7. Night has fallen and the moon is covered by the earths shadow how much is left
  8. know time has come for the all mighty question. to be or not to be.
  9. you see two orbs red and purple
  10. you find money in the street

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Quiz topic: What am I autobot or decepticon?