Are you ready to move out?

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Here is a quiz that is mostly aimed towards people under age 30. This quiz shows people just how much goes into moving and how much it can take out of them.

Take this quiz to find out if you should move or not! If you don't think you should move, find out why and if you think you should, find out well..why!

Created by: Melanie
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  1. What is your reason for the move?
  2. How far is the move?
  3. Are you doing this temporarily(Less than 3 years)?
  4. If you're moving to be with a boyfriend or girlfriend, how long have you been in love(choose "NOT THE REASON" if this is not the cause for your move)?
  5. Did you complete at least 2 years of college or do you hold some sort of degree?
  6. Do you plan on attending college at a further date?
  7. If you are moving for a boyfriend/girlfriend, are you absolutely certain they are the one you want to end up with?
  8. If you are moving for a boyfriend/girlfriend/family/friend...How much time will you spend with them?
  9. Will you be getting a job when you move?
  10. Where will you be staying?
  11. Did you think this move over for at least a year?
  12. For your age, would you consider this move drastic or typical?
  13. If you are moving for college, why are you taking this quiz?
  14. If you are moving only 1 state or less away away, don't answer this question and just choose "NO ANSWER". If you are moving more than a state away, how old do you think you should be?
  15. Have you accomplished any career related goals in your life so far?
  16. Do you have set career goals that you hope to accomplish within 2 years time?
  17. Can you afford to move? Do you have at least a few thousand in your bank account?
  18. Do you think it was an intelligent move on your part or was it sort of stupid?
  19. After taking this quiz, how do you feel?

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Quiz topic: Am I ready to move out?