What Animal Crossing Character R U?

Have you ever wondered which Animal Crossing character you are? Well in this quiz you can find out! You may be K.K., Tom Nook, Blathers, Pelly, or Crazy Redd! Which chracter do you think you are?, take the quiz and find out!

Do you know what Animal Crossing character you are? Do you think you could be K.K. Slider the dog, Tom Nook the raccoon, Blathers the owl, Pelly the pellican, and Crazy Redd the fox? Take the quiz to find out if your guesses are right! Please enjoy!

Created by: Maegan
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  1. What is your favorite Animal Crossing character? (does not affect result)
  2. A man is walking down the street and half of his wallet is hanging out of his pocket. What do you do?
  3. U are at a concert and the band (Jonas Brothers!) asks you to come and sing on stage. Do you do it?
  4. There is a mad rush of angry people in the Townhall. Can u handle it?
  5. The bug exhibit got destroyed in the museum. Will you help put the bugs back in their exhibit?
  6. Which do you like more?
  7. You work at a resaurant and the customers are getting very angry. What do u do?
  8. Someone just dropped all their papers on the floor. Do you help them pick them up?
  9. U are at a race and a man just broke his ankle while running. What do you do to help?
  10. Ok last question! Did you like this quiz? (does not affect result)

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