Which AC:WW Snooty Are YOU?

Do you love Animal Crossing: Wild World? Then take our quiz! This quiz has been created by the reporters of Wild World Press, from Animal Crossing Community, but is open to anyone and everyone! Come and find out which 'Snooty' you are today!

Have you ever wondered which Animal Crossing: Wild World 'Snooty' you are most like? Probably not, but now, thanks to the Wild World Press, you can find out! Take our quiz today!

Created by: Wild World Press
  1. You got tickets to a K.K. Slider Concert! What is your favorite style of his music?
  2. What is your dream guy/girl like?
  3. If you could learn one language besides English, what would it be?
  4. What is your favorite subject to study?
  5. What si your favorite type of film?
  6. Who is your favorite character from the Mario Themed Video Games?
  7. What si your favorite sport?
  8. Who is the best Special Character in AC:WW?
  9. What is your style?
  10. What is the best video game console?

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Quiz topic: Which AC:WW Snooty am I?