Ultimate Animal Crossing Quiz

Animal Crossing was first released in Japan on the N64 in 2001 and it drew in a whole range of fans of different gaming backgrounds. It has since been released in the West and had two more games. It is seen as a casual game, but it also has a lesser known hardcore fanbase.

Want to find out if you're an Animal Crossing Hardcore? Take this quiz to find out. But beware: it's damn hard. Even Blathers didn't know some of the answers.

Created by: Ruairi
  1. The original Japanese release of Animal Crossing on the N64 was called 'Doubutsu no Mori'. What does this translate as?
  2. Each town in the first Animal Crossing game consisted of how many acres?
  3. The original Animal Crossing had a notorious glitched item. What was it called?
  4. How many different fish were there in the original Animal Crossing?
  5. What is the maximum number of tiers a GCN Animal Crossing town can have?
  6. Which of these was not an event in Animal Crossing: Wild World?
  7. How much was the final house upgrade in AC: Wild World?
  8. According to Harriet, which of these is not a warm colour?
  9. Which of these characters can appear on a weekend in AC: Wild World?
  10. Which of these is not an HRA Lucky Item in AC: Wild World?
  11. What is the maximum number of villagers one can have per town in AC:City Folk?
  12. Peach's Parasol will set you back how many Nook Shopping points? (AC: City Folk)
  13. How many villagers are there in total in AC: City Folk?
  14. How many notes can a town tune have in AC:City Folk?
  15. There are how many different hairstyles in AC:City Folk?
  16. In AC: City Folk, how many different designs may be placed on the ground in one town?
  17. Which of these is not part of the Cabin series?
  18. How many different island residents are there in Animal Crossing?
  19. What are the requirements for Nookingtons in Animal Crossing?
  20. How many NES games are there in total in Animal Crossing?

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