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  • Monkey lel I'm smart and do cool stuff and closely followed by Dolphin.

    NightVisions101 Jul 12 '16, 12:00AM
  • Haha that was funny, I''m a Monkey, but I know I'm more than a bunny.. maybe my monkey side always takes over the bunny one..

    Crimson Red Jul 7 '16, 8:02AM
  • I got dolphin almost by parrot

    Crystal2003 Apr 23 '16, 1:51PM
  • Dolphin, but I nearley got cheetah

    Hermione19 Aug 27 '15, 1:48PM
  • Dolphin, but I nearley got cheetah

    Hermione19 Aug 25 '15, 3:29PM
  • Why am i an Alien?

    Mickgamergirl Apr 14 '15, 9:37AM
  • Love your quiz!!! So far I've always gotten a wolf, and if there wasn't a wolf, I'd be the fox, and now I'm a dolphin!! Nice idea for your quiz!

    FreeSpirit Dec 2 '14, 10:45PM
  • I'm a parrot? How in hades name? I hate talking? Lmao

    Metricchasm Apr 25 '14, 8:42PM
  • yeah! im a dolphin and that's my fav. animal too! great quiz!!!!!

    rikkitiger Jul 9 '13, 11:16AM
  • im a dolphin and nobody will ever get tired of me :)....LIE go to my quiz "does he like you????" by delphina

    delphina Jun 4 '12, 8:09PM

    Rodeo Chic Feb 25 '12, 6:57PM
  • I'm a dolfin! Yay! SeaWorld is where I live!!!!!

    rascal1178 Feb 4 '12, 10:47PM
  • "You are quiet and shy to strangers, but when people REALLY get to know you, you are the sweetest animal and the bestest of all friends. Does this sound like you? I think so."
    A[no urls] how sweet. So far I've gotten a cat that is somewhat soft and somewhat cruel, and now this... Hmmm... Maybe I'm a Kitty-Bunny hybrid with multiple personality disorder? :P

    Shaymin Jul 9 '11, 3:17PM
  • OMG! this thing discribed me perfectly. I'm fast, somtimes bossy, everyone likes my anyway... etc.. AWESOME!!!

    SecretDancer May 2 '11, 3:54PM
  • A cheetah does describe me (I'm the fastest in my school even though I'm a girl) but I wish I was a horse I eat sleep and breathe horses go ruffian seabiscuit barbaro secretariat Seattle slew!

    Radar 1 Mar 25 '11, 9:00PM
  • I am not a cheetah, they're insults to Panthera, with those skinny legs and tiny paws...NOTHING you put describes us, i'm a lion or wolf and that's final.

    sorentheowl Jan 18 '11, 8:09PM
  • Um...how do i go from a dolphin to a parrot?! I should be a wolf...

    sorentheowl Oct 17 '10, 2:41PM
  • I've had cat 3 times and bear once now I'm a god damn parrot????? That is so completely far from what I'm like.

    Ellis Redding Oct 17 '10, 12:51AM
  • there is no way that i am a F***ing parrot i am a wolf

    Spetsnaz0098960 Jun 29 '10, 5:21PM
  • Parrot...that sounds a bit more like me

    sorentheowl Mar 6 '10, 2:33PM
  • i am NOT a dolphin!!that is the COMPLETE opposite of me!i'm more like a wolf...ya,defiantly a wolf.

    sorentheowl Dec 11 '09, 3:39PM
  • cool quiz! :)

    Cheaz X Balle Jan 6 '09, 7:56PM

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