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  • I got a Mid-Atlantic Accent, they were right I have lived in Philly for my whole life.

    Wildwoodgirl33 Jan 24 '10, 7:32PM
  • I must have answered the questions wrong, I have a pretty obvious Southern accent but I got western, Southern was way at the bottom..

    tanza Jan 6 '10, 10:17AM
  • I got North-Central, which is funny because whenever I visit Minnesota, I think everyone there sounds funny. However, I do agree that I sound somewhat Canadian: I'm from Montana, and we seem to sound a lot like Albertans from my experience.

    Ripheus Dec 21 '09, 2:27PM
  • It said I have a Northern accent, which isn't too bad seeing as I grew up in CT, just above the NYC inflection and a bit below the atrocious Mass accent. I ran a test using the answers that should have generated a result for a Maine accent (which is about as atrocious as Mass and RI), but it ended up being North Central. Not really too accurate, as far as the ear is concerned.

    SatansPaw Dec 11 '09, 7:19PM
  • I got scored a Boston accent; however, I am from Southern California. I have never been to New England and have never lived anywhere else in the United States. I find it a bit odd. I suspect that the reason that the test gives me this result is because of the way I pronounce "horrible".

    BJD Dec 3 '09, 1:24PM
  • I ended up with Mid-Atlantic, which makes sense for me! This quiz did seem to work better than the last one, which gave me Mid-west, given that my husband is Mid-west and frequently makes fun of me for my accent... and no way do I say "pop."

    If I can make one suggestion for any future versions of the quiz... there are some of us who pronounce "on" differently than "Dawn" *or* "Don" and do not pronounce "Dawn" and "Don" the same. So maybe a fourth choice on that question, where "on" is unique from the other two?

    mommypenguin Nov 4 '09, 9:21AM
  • I'm from Michigan, but I got the Midland accent as my answer. Which is funny to me since when I travel to the Midland, they sound semi-southern to me. People from other parts of the country think I sound like I'm Canadian. I think I sound like I'm from Michigan, but I have a little bit less Chicago/Detroit "urban" accent and more of a rural Michigan accent (without it being a "yooper" accent, however).

    LauraMa3 Oct 14 '09, 4:09PM
  • The results on this one were more accurate than the last quiz on American accents. This time I got pegged with a northern accent (Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, or Buffalo). OK, I can live with that.

    The writer's previous quiz pegged me with a Wiconsin accent. What?? I NEVER referred to soda as "pop"! That just sounds wrong! By the way, if you do go to Wisonsin, they pretty much have their own language. I went there in 2002, and I was thirsty so I asked someone "Where's the fountain?" They looked at me funny and told me it was downtown.

    george26173 Sep 3 '09, 10:28PM
  • somehow my results were Midland like Pennsylvania (I'm travelling to Pennsylvania on January so i'll see ;) ), Southern Ohio,Southern Illinois,Southern Indiana,Southern Missouri. or I also could be confounded with a Florida accent

    Luana Jul 29 '09, 1:30PM
  • My results were Mid-Atlantic. However, I've lived in both Maryland and Delaware, giving me a mix of Philly and Tidewater, so my accent depends on where I am. If I go to New York, I have a Southern accent, but if I'm in Virginia or further south, people will think I'm from Philly or Jersey. If I'm neither of those, I'm Australian or Canadian. Then add a Turkish accent that comes out when I'm excited, and I'm more of a vocal mutt.

    Weiss_Yohji Jul 27 '09, 4:04PM
  • I got western accent

    Cali100 Jul 25 '09, 3:31PM
  • Born and raised New York City (East Harlem), mother from Hell's Kitchen/San Juan, father lived in Tennessee (Tri-City area). And somehow I have a Minnesota accent. ?!

    pantera Apr 26 '09, 5:27PM
  • I'm from South Carolina and all of my friends say that i have a true southern accent. But I can never hear it. And according to this quiz i have a southern accent

    equalls Apr 8 '09, 2:21PM
  • My results were North Central. I have been through that area by train only and have never set foot on that area. I'm a native of Washington State, where I still live. I have lived about 20 miles south of Canada for the past 25 years.

    WashingtonStateNative May 5 '08, 4:10AM
  • Interesting! I'm from central Europe with little knowledge about the diferencies in American accents. But I waas curious and the outcome seems reasonable: Northeastern

    MarvinCZ Nov 14 '07, 5:34AM

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