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  • Midland, better than the last one. Grew up in Colorado, lived in Kansas, Missouri and now Nevada. Most often people comment on my lack of accent and can't figure out where I am from.

    Jennilynn_40 Oct 16 '13, 10:05PM
  • More telling is the distinction between the people who pronounce "wash" as "warsh".

    nativewit Sep 28 '13, 2:08PM
  • iI got a "Midland " rating with an 88 per cent chance of Western. well, almost right. I have lived my entire life in Montana and Colorado. Hope the quiz makers do not think these states are " Midland" states. We think we are Westerners!

    marylouiverson Sep 7 '13, 12:26AM
  • northern well close i'm from NJ at least it proved the 'Joyzee' thing wrong

    Marz Aug 27 '13, 11:34AM
  • Wow, I got Mid-Atlantic, which is exactly where I am from. Then, Southern barely trailed, which makes sense, as a lot of my family is from there. Great quiz!

    SurvivorFan Jul 25 '13, 12:40AM
  • First of all, you should fix the last question if you are able to edit this, it is cut off.

    Second, I was told I have a Boston accent. Doubtful. I lived in the Boston area from age 22-25. I am 48, and have lived in California for the past 23 years. I grew up in Pittsburg to age six, Buffalo age 6-10, and just outside NYC from 10-18. I have gone back to visit the New York area quite a bit, but Boston, Pittsburgh and Buffalo very little. For what it is worth, my mom is from the New York area, and my dad is from England. I've had people pick up on a trace of an English accent and a trace of a New York accent, but no one ever asks if I am from Boston.

    Zabster Apr 21 '13, 3:26PM
  • Not even close. I grew up im New Orleans, lived only in Southeast Louisiana until my early 20's when I moved to Northern California. The quiz said I have the accent of Philadelphia, south Jersey, and Baltimore, places I've only visited for one day at the most, and as an adult. I don't think I've even known anyone from any of those places.

    Stuart727 Apr 9 '13, 9:54AM
  • Great work.I'm from Morris Co.NJ,have a late '60s PhD in Linguistics,a life-long interest in sound(esp.vowel) change and dialects and audited a couple of Labov's courses.I have only one minor quibble with your vowel analysis-the sameness of the [ae]vowel in central upstate NY in 'bag' and 'vague'.I've given a lot of attention to this one and I honestly believe it is inherited,genetic,u nique. That area's west moving Don/Dan sameness is more helpful.

    wmkehoe Apr 1 '13, 3:12PM
  • Nice quiz. Both versions worked for me (I'm a native Northern Californian). You need to fix question 17 on the second version of the quiz; it isn't displaying completely.

    rgorsch Mar 5 '13, 9:12PM
  • The quiz results were close for me, but not quite 100% accurate. It told me I was from Northeastern New England (Boston area, or New Hampshire, or Maine).
    Although I was born in Boston, and have spent some time in the Boston area, I grew up in Worcester, Mass., in the center of the state (and center of New England).
    Mine is a Central New England accent, close to but not quite as pronounced as the Boston accent. I can tell the difference between the way that a true Bostoner speaks and the way that I do. But to those outside of New England, I have a New England accent.

    PianoplayerPaul Feb 16 '13, 11:20AM
  • This survey diagnosed me well. It says I'm Midland (neutral) and secondarily Midatlantic. I've been told by many people my accent is neutral. This probably is because I lived in many states and overseas with my military family all my youth. However I've now lived in Maryland for many years, so I also have acquired some Midatlantic accent. Good job.

    MdCitizen Aug 14 '12, 10:50AM
  • i cant say my r sounds so people think im british

    ukkubiim Aug 5 '12, 9:13PM
  • My top two results: western then North central. Add 'em up and you get the place I've lived my whole life, the northwest. And the same result as that other quiz. Guess I'm just consistently northwestern!

    Pathabeo Jul 18 '12, 3:21AM
  • Northen. Yup, I live in Minnesota.

    LunaLovegood3 Jul 11 '12, 10:29PM
  • I have a problem with question number 7. I don't pronounce 'on' like don or dawn. I pronounce it like own or hone with a long O sound. So another option should be included, either 'it does not sounds like either,' or 'it rhymes with bone or hone.'

    cardshoot May 17 '12, 1:30PM
  • Mid-Atlantic: the accent of Philadelphia, south Jersey, and Baltimore.
    It's funny. I've never been to North America at all. I'm a Russian, I've been to Switzerland and Germany.
    When I speak German the Germans think I was born in South Germany and moved due North.
    The native speakers from the English speaking countries think I am a German who's been living in North America for a long time.
    For people from Asian countries like Korea, Vietnam and China I'm an American :)

    Oleg Apr 16 '12, 1:56AM
  • I live in Kazakhstan, but i've got Midland accent. That's strange, because i don't leave in usa at all.

    gsom Apr 13 '12, 2:19AM
  • I got southern, but taking a very similar quiz I got northern. I have trained my pronunciation by now, but as a child nobody could understand me because my accent was so strange. I am from Montana (NW) originally, but I have never heard anyone speak with the same accent I used to have. For example: hwaadr = water, dahrd = tired. I second what Ripheus said, a lot of Montanans sound like Albertans!

    JouVal Apr 10 '12, 8:15PM
  • Live in the deep South, got Southern. Think this quiz is more accurate than the more popular one...

    PokeFan Mar 18 '12, 8:10AM
  • I am 68 yr. old Philadelphia guy and it got me right on. I can tell other mid-Atlantics in restaurants and socially and I'm very seldom wrong.

    Jack G Mar 11 '12, 5:48PM
  • My result is northeastern while the truth is that I'm a 17-year-old Chinese girl and have never been to America...Maybe I should have a trip to America after finishing my high school...

    LIlian Li Feb 18 '12, 11:20AM
  • My accent is Northeastern accent ,a bit like a Canadian.I have never thought of that because i am a Chinese

    KevinL Feb 14 '12, 1:28AM

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