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March 8, 2011


Annoying: Netbeans code completion in comments

I don’t understand why Netbeans performs code completion when you are typing a comment.  If I am working in a java file, typing a comment, and come to a word like “if” or “for”, Netbeans automatically inserts the code completion templates for those keywords.  Shouldn’t it recognize that I am typing within a comment?  Is there a fix for this issue?

EDIT: Another thing that drives me mad: I use Alt+F S to save. Constantly. I’m so trained in doing this that I usually don’t even think about it. In Netbeans, however, this often results in the letter “s” being typed, either because the File menu didn’t drop down fast enough or the S key registered twice. I’ve never had this problem in any other program.

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  1. Todd Wade
    Mar 17 2011

    I’ve recently started using NetBeans as well and this behavior really ticks me off. ‘Haven’t found out how to disable it yet.


    • James H. (admin)
      Mar 18 2011

      This must be a common problem, causing frustration for just about anyone using Netbeans. How can a mature IDE still have such a basic bug? I can’t imagine this is the intended or desired behavior.


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