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  • Your Result: You are Bluestorm! 90%

    When you were in the nursery, you were loved by every queen and adored by every kit. But by the time that you were at the end of a long apprentice-ship, no one really liked you anymore. They would edge away from you when next to you, and whisper behind your back. It hurt. So when your warrior ceremony came, you decided to ask your father what had happened. Your father was the leader, Cherrystar, so he could ask the whole clan at once. Well, right after you became Bluestorm, he ask the clan this,"Why have all the cats who have gathered here disdained my daughter? I had thought in the nursery, that you ALL loved her, and now you don't. What went wrong?" "Well, said Sootpelt, my old best friend,"Sorry, but I have to say this....She's a show-off, ok? She brags and thinks that she's better than everyone else!" "I'll change, just give me another chance!" you wail. "We just needed you to hear that," said my friend. After that you lived a peaceful life, only to die on a battle field.

  • You are SweetLeaf! 80%

    All throughout your apprentice-hood, you've been very interested in the line of medicine cat work. You've helped sort herbs, and learned all of their names and uses! So, when it's time for your apprentice ceremony, you privately ask your leader if you can be Berrytail's apprentice. He says yes and so now you're a medicine cat's apprentice! One night, when you're sorting herbs, a cat from Shadowclan breaks into the medicine cat den and kills Berrytail. You say to him that he should eat Deathberries (they'll kill you) and that they'll strengthen him. So he eats them and dies at your feet. By now all of Windclan have woken up and know about the murders in the small den. The next morning the leader gives you your official name, Sweetleaf. After many moons of watching, you finally find the perfect kit that would be perfect for the medicine cat title. Whitekit becomes Whitetail and he takes over as medicine cat. One night you die in your sleep. Berrytail is there to welcome you to Starclan.

    This is sad :d and I wanted to be leader and have a mate *OOF noises*

  • I got Sweetleaf but....... I barely know anything about herbs..... good quiz though

    • I got SweetLeaf too! You should maybe learn about the herbs to become the TRUE WARRIOR CAT PERSON YOU ARE!!! :3

    • I agree. By the way I got Sweetleaf at first to. I thought that it didn't fit my personality (I do know lot's about herbs but want to be a warrior) so I retook the quiz, and realized that I forgot to answer one of the questions. I have BLUESTORM NOW!!!!!!!!!! YAY!


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