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  • Your Result: You are Moonstar

    You walk across Thunderclan camp, head held high. You are leader, and proud of it. Your first priority is your clan, all else, even your mate, Mousefoot, come second. You have three kits, Cloudpaw, Tigerpaw, and Flamepaw, and are proud of them. Your apprentice is Frostpaw. You have an odd coat color, part tabby, part white, with blue eyes. You may be the best leader Thunderclan has seen yet...

  • Your Result: Winterleaf

    You are a pure white she cat with forest green eyes. You have the rank of warrior in Riverclan. You are kind and gentle, but are not afraid to show your claws. Your mate is Poolwhisker, and you are expecting his kits any day. You don't really have any aspirations to be deputy, just to be the best warrior you can be.

  • Moon star,I'm more of a riverclan than thunderclan supporter but pawsome quiz anyways mate!

  • i got Moonstar!!! its the perfect cat for me.

  • I got winterleaf :)

    • i got winterleaf. Everything but the pelt color seems like me :)


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