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  • Warrior Clans~Which are you?
    Your Result: RiverClan 85%

    Congrats! Your in my clan! This clan is known for being lazy and overfed cats when thats not true. During leaf-bare they still have some food in the river. There biggest rivels are ThunderClan but those two clans are known for also sharing alot of history together. Bluestar=Oakheart Graystripe=Silverst ream My mom and dad were. You are in a wonderful Clan my friend

    21% ThunderClan
    12% WindClan
    6% ShadowClan
    N ice! I like RiverClan.

  • Riverclan,my favorite clan! I love to swim alot and I find that clan very beneficial due to the protective river borders along with the herbs and fish count too. Pawsome quiz mate.


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