Warrior cats: Would you be a good queen?

Hi guys, so then, I have done this quiz because a few quizzes inspired me. I'm reading warrior cats now so I decided to make a quiz. I hope you like this.

I also hope you like your result. If you like your result then check out the warrior cats series, or it's more like a saga. A saga of series is probably what it is. Hope you enjoy!!!

Created by: Warriorsfan
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  1. OK then so, hi :) This is my first quiz so I hope you enjoy it :)
  2. OK then, so... RP time!!! Wait, do you want to RP???
  3. OK then, so, you're in the nursery with your kits. Then suddenly, a ShadowClan cat comes into the nursery and tries to attack the kits. What do you do???
  4. OK then, time for everyone's favourite question... What is your favourite colour??? *Runs away and hides by the Moonstone.*
  5. 6 down, 6 to go. How do you feel???
  6. RP time again: So then, this time you are a warrior on hunting patrol. You find a hungry, sick little kit. But it smells like a kittypet. What do you do???
  7. Now you are a queen. The warrior took the kit back to camp and asks you to take care of it. So you say...
  8. So then, you've said yes to taking the kit in. It needs milk. Then you realise that your real kits have gone. What do you do???
  9. Which word is your favourite:
  10. Last question. Bye :(

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