Warrior Cats Love Story ~Tom Cats Only~

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Here is the (only) quiz for Love as a TOM for once. I know it will be bad, because this is my first quiz. I'm sorry if it's worse than awful. Also: Warning: This may be sad, it's also gory in the last few question thingymabods...

Find out what cat has a crush on you (dawwwww so cheesy) out of these few characters of mine. Please do not be super rude about it sucking or else people who may like it won't get another tom love quiz, yes, if you're super rude about my quiz being bad there will be no more of these. And the only way to get better is to practice.

Created by: Crimsonsong

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  1. You are a kit with littermmates, what do you do for fun?
  2. You've been apprenticed you're now a 'paw. The first thing you're sent on was a hunting patrol, you and your mentor are the only ones on the patrol. ____paw (you are the ____ ,enter your prefix) and your mentor split up. You go to find something to hunt, you smell cat's in the distance but decide it's just a border patrol from another clan. You then smell vole, you walk towards the scent, then a yowl of pain split through the air and the sharp tang of blood hit your nose. You then hear a cat call your name, with agony in their voice, "____Paw!!!" you run towards the sound noticing a patrol of cats with collars, not just normal collars though, collars with dog teeth. Bloodclan. Your mentor screamed in agony as a large she-cat slammed her paws on her battered chest. What do you do
  3. (This if you chose answer choice, 'help your mentor') The big she-cat easily knocks you off with a blow to the chest. You get on you feet again only to be knocked on your side by a silver tabby tom with cold blue eyes, "What should we do with this kit?" He asked a tall she-cat. You took in the tall cats' features, they were a russet figure, she had strong muscles and were old. "We shall take them to camp and they'll have their punishment... for trying to... defeat us." as soon as the russet cats' order had been been given a battlecry rung across the area and a flash of silver fur landed on the russet cat. Silverpaw! (Silverstar your age) You heard her snarl. Basically all you saw was a blur of silver and russet as well as blood. What seemed like moons, the cat yowled, "Fall back! Fall back Bloodclan cat's!" You noticed a bundle of silver fur staggering towards you, she collapsed. You do what?
  4. (This is if you ran to camp to receive help) You yowl to the camp, "Bloodclan patrol! Quickly!" you don't even wait for an answer as you race off, you heard quick footsteps pattering behind you, you see a silver she-cat following. You go faster until you reached the scene. Your mentor was dead, you were too late. Your mentor was battered up, two wounds appealed the most, her throat was slit and her underbelly, was split in half. What do you do?
  5. No matter what you chose, Silverpaw comforts you, she suddenly said, "She was a great cat in life." her voice shook as if her own comforts couldn't comfort herself. Tears welled inside her eyes. "Let's wait 'till they leave-- And- and then w-we'll carry her to camp. She rubs her face against your shoulder. Your reaction?
  6. The Bloodclan patrol finally leaves. You two make your way over there with your heads drooping and tears in your eyes. You pick up her bloody scruff, now your mentor's blood caked on her fur, Silverpaw puts her head on your mentor's stomach flinching as blood dripped on her face. You two walked back to camp both struggling under our mentors' weight. You reached the camp and gasps aroused in the camp, cats started murmuring and a wail of grief erupted from one cats jaws. Finally the current leader, Ivystar, spoke up, "What happened?" glancing at the dead body. You dropped the body in the middle of the clearing, "We were too late. She was dead when WE got there." He growled the last part out.
  7. No matter what you chose, everyone gathered around your mentor's body, you joined in. "Ivystar called upon the cats. "It's a sad day upon us to lose a warrior, but now ____paw is mentorless, I assign Iceheart to his new mentor. Your new mentor mentor, as name suggested, was cold, he had cold, icy blue eyes. You hated him. Your reaction?
  8. Silverpaw nuzzles you. "We should get some rest.
  9. Sorry! I'm gonna have to continue this in a part two :( So watch out for Warrior Cats Love Story ~Tom Cats Only~ Part 2!
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