Warrior cats love story part thr {she~cats only} made by Fea

Sorry it's short I'm going to make a new cat next time! And I give credit to path breeze and jayfeather~13 and everybody else Crowfeather and me Featherstar say goodbye.

Have fun and leave a like and a comment plz and say who you got as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And take more quizzes from other people good bye I have to keep typing this little bit....

Created by: Featherstar

  1. You wake up. Thistleleaf is at your side you ask "Thistleleaf why have you been acting strange lately?" you mewed. " it's because I want you to be my mate. "Thistleleaf murmured. You?
  2. Okay this is going to be your mate/tom that you like. _________ and this is the cat you dislike -_____- okay!
  3. if you chose i would love to be your mate continue if not pick next as answer) "I promise to always protect you" Thistleleaf murmured.
  4. "I'm sorry Thistleleaf but I like __________." you mewed. Thistleleaf walks away sad. "So you like me?"_____ mewed." Yes. "You meow." will you be my mate? "_______asked." I would love to! " Your eating a sparrow with __________. Then you feel something move inside you so you go see the medicine cat troutheart. Troutheart says you have kits you tell _______ he is so happy! You think?
  5. Time skip to when you have kits.) "Keep pushing.there. You have Three healthy kits!" Troutheart yowls! You have two toms and one she cat! _______ is waiting outside. When he comes in he's bursting with joy! One tom looks like you with _________'s eyes. The other tom looks like _________ and has your eyes. The she cat is a sliver tabby with frost blue eyes!
  6. You name the tom that looks like you mousekit, the cat that looks like ________ is named nightkit and the little she cat is named sliverkit!
  7. You were getting some fresh Kill. Then a FOX BREAKS INTO CAMP HEADING FOR THE NURSEY! _________ jumps in the fox's path. But __________gets thrown across camp unconscious.you?
  8. When the Fox gets chased out of camp you see ________ Thankfully he is alright. Your kits are safe just frighten. Then when __________ wakes up he goes up to you and licks you on the head.you?
  9. Okay guys it has come where I say.....
  10. CLIFFHANGER!!!!!! have a goodnight or good day!!!!! I might make a new cat?

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