Warrior Cats Love Story~Part 5 [She-Cats Only!]

Hey what's up kids it's Jayfeather~13. I haven't posted in 7 years, tbh I forgot this website existed, but we found my old quizzes on my friend's account so I'm making a 5th.

I don't really remember what happened. Bonefoot's not an option anymore you freaks. I think in the last one Toby became Stonesteam and Mosstail went missing. Also rip dad from first quiz drop an f in the chat.

Created by: Jayfeather~13
  1. Redstar asks Flameclaw what's wrong. "Mosstail is missing! We haven't seen him since last night!" The small crowd that had gathered around you gasped. Suddenly, Jayfoot ran forward from the bushes. "I found some brown fur on thorns near the IceClan border. I think it might be Mosstail's." What do?
  2. Redstar decides to send you and a tom you haven't met before to go to the IceClan border. He pads up to you, his black fur and mismatched eyes shimmer in the dying sunlight. "Hey." he said, cooly.
  3. The long-haired tom doesn't reply, and walks toward the entrance of camp. You follow him, curiously observing his yellow and blue eyes. He glances over at you, noticing you staring. You turn away and head out into the forest. "I'm Darkflower by the way." He says. "I'm Y/N," you answer. Soon, you near the IceClan border and see a thicc pile of thorns. Sure enough, traces of brown and white fur were strewn among the thorns. "Where should we look?" asks Darkflower.
  4. Suddenly, an IceClan patrol spots you and they leap over the thorns. "Who are you two?!" a large tom asks. You look at Darkflower and he looks at you. "Uhh..." he mutters. "We are looking for our friend, a brown and white tom named Mosstail. Have you seen him?" you ask. The patrol cats look at each other and back at you. Then a ginger cat comes forward from them. Jaggedsky!
  5. Jaggedsky opens his mouth to speak, then quickly looks to his clanmates. When he turns back, his eyes are sad. "Actually.. a patrol that went out last night saw a brown, black, and white cat getting attacked by a fox. He uhh.. passed on. We didn't know if he was a clan cat or a rogue, but we buried him. I'm sorry for your loss."
  6. You and Darkflower slowly walk back to camp. "What was he like?" Darkflower asks quietly.
  7. You were both silent on the rest of the trip back to camp. When you entered, lots of clan members crowded around you, quickly noticing your crestfallen expressions. Flameclaw pushed his way toward you, "What happened? Did you find him?" You began to answer, but you struggled to get the words out. Darkflower answered for you, "IceClan cats found him last night. He was killed by a fox." Some cats gasped, some turned away with grief. Not liking the attention, you pad over to a willow tree at the edge of camp and lay down. You look around sadly.
  8. As you lay under the tree, a beautiful white she-cat walks under the shade of the tree and sits next to you. She lifts her head and her clouded purple eyes catch yours. "Mosstail was my brother. We will all miss him." Her voice was soft and it calmed you down. Her introduction caught you off guard, however.
  9. Despite the sad situation, she smiles slightly. "I know StarClan is taking care of him now." She tilts her head towards the sky, the last rays of sun disappearing from camp. "I'm Silverleaf," she says after a pause. "I'm Y/N," you reply. "Did the sun set?" Silverleaf asks.
  10. Silverleaf smiles, and tilts her head towards you. "I am blind, have been for my whole life." "I'm sorry..." you say quietly, getting up from the ground. "It's alright, I can find my way around the camp perfectly, and Mosstail always helps me when I get lost somewhere..." Her voice trailed off. You move next to her and put your tail on her shoulder. She turns her head towards you, and somehow her eyes meet yours. The peaceful moment was interrupted by a loud yowl somewhere outside the camp. Clan members began to run towards the sound.
  11. Anddddddd... yeah cliffhanger did you like it I didnt

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