Warrior cats love story part one {she~cats only} made by fea

Hello this is my first quiz! Sorry it's short but tell me in the comments who you got! And tell me what more i can do and ideas!!!!!!! And now I must type......

Have fun!!!!!!!!!! I hope you enjoy it and stay tuned for more!!!!!! Also tell me who else i could put in and tell me what clan you would love to be in mine is wind clan!!!

Created by: Featherstar

  1. You wake up in the nursery and see three toms one tom has stunning green eyes and he is a dark tabby kit the next kit has Amber eyes and is a ginger tabby kit the next tom is solid black with bright blue eyes. Who do you go up to first?
  2. No matter what you picked you go up to the dark brown tabby, you ask "hello I'm (your name) what's yours you ask them. The dark tabby kit says his name is thistlekit, the black kit says his name his crowkit and the ginger kit as says his name is hawk-kit who attracts you the most?
  3. *time skip to crowkits' and thistlekits' also hawk-kits apprentice ceremony* you sit by sliverpetal your mother as you hear streamstar speak "these kits are ready for there warrior training nightfrost you are ready for your first apprentice you will train crowpaw all your knowledge. Grasspool you will train Thistlepaw and pass done all you know. Bluetail you will train Hawkpaw pass down your wisdom." You hear the clan chanting there names " crowpaw!Thistlepaw!hawkpaw! " who do you chant for the most?
  4. Now you are being made an apprentice you have stormcloud. You hear one tom in particular who is that tom?
  5. CLIFFHANGER!! Sorry this quiz was short I'll make part 2 soon!! Me: forgive me. it's my first quiz!
  6. Jk!! Sorry I had to now. You wake up the early morning light coming in the den but you feel something behind you it's CROWPAW!?!? he some how rolled of his nest and right next to you what do you do?
  7. Crowpaw woke up you act like you just woke up a few moments later he looks at you and his tail twined you thought you heard him purr a little he moves away but not to far and says "sorry.." You say it's okay you are Hawkpaw give crowpaw a very cold glare and you are Thistlepaw look hurt the n you walk out the den and see your mentor what do you think about?
  8. You caught a sparrow and a rabbit you see Hawkpaw talking to crowpaw, crowpaw looked mad so you asked if you three could go hunting and you asked where Thistlepaw went Hawkpaw said he was going hunting so you and Hawkpaw also crowpaw went hunting and came back at nightfall you laid the prey on the fresh kill like and went to your best what were you dreaming about
  9. The next morning it was raining so you just say up and stayed there crowpaw was awake and he came and sat by you then lightning struck and you pushed your muzzle in crowpaws fur because you were spooked crowpaw rested his tail on your shoulder and he gave you a reassuring lick on the ears and he started grooming your fur what do you do
  10. For real this time CLIFFHANGER good bye hope you enjoyed!! Tell me who you got in the comments please leave a like for this is my first quiz and part 2 is coming!!!

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