Warrior cat's love life part 3 (She-cat's only)

Hey! I'm Catfan and this is a warrior cat's love story series (SHE-CAT'S ONLY!!) where you are playing as a silver she-cat with blue eyes named Cindershade.

There are five toms comign after you. Which loves you, though? That's your choice! In this quiz you will find out who you love in warrior cats! I perfur Swiftflight but this is you choice. I hope you like it!!

Created by: Catfan
  1. Hello! Catfan here! We left off where you (Cindershade) just got your warrior name, when you saw something strange. Right?
  2. You look closer at the strange thing and realize that it's smoke!! There is a fire!
  3. "Fire!" You yowl. Screeching, the Clan scatters. Leaping onto the highrock, Sparrowlight calls, "Everybody get out of camp! Help the elders carry the kits!" He screeches.
  4. As Rainsight rushes forward to help you get out, his fur brushes yours. "Sorry." He mutters.
  5. Then you see Sparrowlight nuzzling Riversnow. You think..
  6. Your clan flees to StormClan camp. When Graythorn see's you, he slips into the bushes, signaling for you to follow him. You walk into the bushes and see Graythorn waiting for you. "I've missed you so much!" He purres. You react by...
  7. You talk to Graythorn for a while and then leave. You are thinking...
  8. For the next few days you spend most of your time with...
  9. You finally return to your camp. You are thinking...
  10. You are sleeping, but wake when you hear a screech. ""ATTACK!" A calico tom with blue eyes burst through the camp entrance. He leaps onto your father, clawing him fiercely. He stops in his tracks when he see's you. "Retreat!" He yowled. His rouge band looked at him in confusion, but obeyed.
  11. You run to your father, Oakfeather. "He's dead." Ashheart, your best friend chokes out. "I'm so sorry!" She murmures. "My deputy is is dead!" She wailes. "The new deputy will be Copperstone."
  12. The next day you go alone on patrol, and a cat leaps out at you! It's the rouge leader that killed your father! "My name is Creeknose." He purrs, rubbing his muzzle against yours. "I want to show you something." You..
  13. Whatever you choose, you end up going. He takes you to a beautiful waterfall. "I have been watching you for many days." He says. "I admire your loyalty and beauty. I had to see you up close."
  14. When you go back to camp Sparrowlight, Rainsight, and Swiftflight are waiting for you. You say hello to...
  15. But then... CLIFFHANGER!!

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