Warrior cat's love life part 2 (She-cat's only)

Hello! I'm Catfan and this is a love quiz series inspired by Erin Hunter's Warrior cat's books. This is part 2 and in this you are an EchoClan warrior named Cindershade.

There are four toms coming after you. Do u love the funny and loyal StormClan deputy? The sweet and gentle medicine cat? A brave and popular warrior? A mysterious and grumpy cat? Find out who you love in warrior cat's! P.s. My personal favorite is Swiftflight but it's your choice!

Created by: Catfan
  1. Hello! Catfan here! Where we left off you (Cinderpaw) were fighting with StormClan, right?
  2. The mysterious pair of paws pulled you into the bushes. You scream...
  3. You turn and realize that the paws belonged to a muscular grey-black tom. "My name is Greythorn, StormClan's deputy." He purred. You say...
  4. Suddenly Sparrowpaw burst in and flung himself at Greythorn. "No!" You found yourself saying. Sparrowpaw gave you a funny look. "Err, this cat is sick. I didn't want you to catch it." You added quickly. Sparrowpaw purred. Then Riverpaw came in. "Oh Sparrowpaw your alright!" She cried twining her tail with his.
  5. Then Swiftpaw and Rainpaw came in and purred touching noses with you. Sparrowpaw and Greythorn glared at them.
  6. "Retreat!" Clawstar, the StormClan leader called. As Greythorn ran away he whispered "Grassy meadow at midnight."
  7. In your den, you sleep closest to...
  8. It's midnight, you...
  9. Greythorn was waiting for you in the meadow. "You came!" He purrs. You...
  10. That morning, Rainpaw's pelt brushes yours. "Sorry." He mumbles. Your thinking...
  11. Then Brightstar announces, "There are four new warriors to be named!" Briarslash, the medicine cat stepped forward. "I request that my apprentice will be named with them." She said. Brightstar nodded. "Very well." "They will now be called Sparrowlight, Riversnow, Rainsight, Swiftflight, and Cindershade.
  12. But then, around the corner, you see a of... CLIFFHANGER!!

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