Warrior cat luv story (part one)

This is one of those awesome things that a lot of people are doing. I really enjoy the ones by Pathbreeze and Rave. They are lost of fun so I decided that I would try to make one.

Little did I know that it's a lot of hard work! It takes a long time too. But it was a lot of fun so I hope you enjoy and have as much fun playing it as I did making it!

Created by: Rosepelt 22

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  1. You sit tall and proud as your clan mates chant your warrior name. You're a warrior at last! Featherstar blinks approvingly down at you and your fellow apprentices. Ferretpaw- err- Ferretclaw catches your eye and makes a goofy face. The deputy, Darkstorm, nods his approval. Sparrowfang sits quietly to the side, but with a smile on his face.
  2. Your former mentor, Smallwing, approaches you, trying not to show to much excitement. "Well done!" is all she manages to say without jumping around like a kit. Darkstorm comes up to you next. "I'd like to be the first to call you by your warrior name,(insert name)" You not your head respectfully and are about to walk off when he stops you with his tail. "Would you like me to give you a tour of the warriors den?"
  3. (If you followed him into the den then you are called over by Smalleing and reminded of the vigil) You pad over to where Ferretclaw is waiting at the entrance to the camp and watch as the sun begins to set. Though you can't talk during vigil, you notice Ferretclaw scoot closer to you
  4. After awhile, the sun rises, marking the end of your vigil. Featherstar comes to the two of you and tells you that the vigil is over. You go over to the fresh kill pile. You are starving! Sparrowfang approaches you with a rabbit in his jaws. "Want to share?" he asks. You notice Darkstorm in the background, fur starting to bristle. Ferretclaw's tail droops and the blackbird he had chosen hung limp in his mouth. Who do you choose?
  5. Whichever tom you chose to eat with, (or if you didn't just pick didn't choose) he purrs and allows you to take the first bite. The other two, depending on who you picked, mope, glare or completely ignore the Tom you are with. (Bonus: if you can guess which reaction is fit to which of the three toms, I'll give sneak peeks!)
  6. After the eating, Darkstorm starts to organize patrols. "Sparrowfang, Ferretclaw, Honeybirch, and Redfoot, you go on border patrol. I want Leafwhisper, Pebblepaw, and (your name) to come with me on hunting patrol.
  7. Despite what you chose, your still on a patrol with Darkstorm. You enter the forest when Darkstorm stops you with his tail. "I think we should work in pairs"
  8. Once again, despite what you chose, Leafwhisper has a new stalking technique she wants to teach Pepplepaw, so you end up with Darkstorm.
  9. The two of you pad off into the forest. Suddenly, without warning, Darkstorm leaps into the air and down with him comes a large bird. Larger than you've ever seen before. "Whoa! That was amazing!" Darkstorm smiles charmingly. "Would you like me to teach you my super stealthy surprise attack?" he asks. You agree
  10. You blink and he's gone. You wait for what seems like moons. Suddenly there is a small noise to your left your head darts around. Something knocks you over from the right. He places a gentle paw on your chest, grinning at you startled expression
  11. CLIFFHANGER! What did you think?

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