Warrior Cat Love Story! :D

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This quiz was made for you to get a warrior cat mate! This is only for girls. The girls are falling in love with a boy. If boys were to play then they would turn gay. I wouldn't want that to happen. I just hope you enjoy the quiz!!!

So at the start of the quiz you of course have to choose your age! I don't think it would be good to have like a 50 year old doing this quiz. If you don't do your age.... well I don't know what'll happen. Oh well, just enjoy, I guess.

Created by: CrowWind of Crow-Winds account on Scratch
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  1. You were just born! When you awake you see a big silver she-cat in front of you. You can tell its your mother. She says, "What should I name you?".
  2. You are a she-cat! No toms!
  3. Next thing you know, your two moons old. As you exit the nursery you see 3 other kits. Sadly, they are all boys. They come over and say their names. There's Stormkit, Ravenkit, and Littlekit. They are all one moon older than you.
  4. You look around the clearing and see another kit. Luckily its a she-cat! You go over to say hi. "Hello, I'm ___kit! Whats your name?" They respond by saying, "Oh, Hi! I'm Mousekit! Nice to meet you! I'm two moons old!" You say that your two moons old as well, and you become good friends. (___kit is the name you chose at the beginning!)
  5. Then it's your apprentice ceremony! You get Lilacpath as your mentor! She seems really nice! You find out that Mousepaw's mentor is Lightfoot. They said you and Mousepaw can go hunting with them later.
  6. I'm too lazy to do all the apprentice stuff so lets just skip to when you become a warrior. Do you like that? Even if you don't I'm still doing it! :I
  7. After your ceremony, you become ___pool!!! Mousepaw becomes Mouseheart, Stormpaw becomes Stormpelt, Ravenpaw becomes Ravenwind, and Littlepaw becomes Littlebush.
  8. One day you are asked to lead a hunting patrol! You have to choose 2 people. You choose Mouseheart and....
  9. You and _____ (Tom you chose) both go after a vole. You both miss it and go face to face. What do you do?
  10. Cliffhanger!!!! How did you enjoy the quiz?

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