Warrior cat basic quiz

do you like warrior cats? have you always wondered what rank you would be if you were a warrior cat? if you belong in the dark forest or starclan? find out in this quiz!

you can be a bad leader, a good leader, a warrior, an apprentice, a medicine cat and even a kit! this might be your only change to find out! so enjoy the quiz and don't worry its not that long.

Created by: Warrior_Cat_Pics_6

  1. You are only a kit and you want to listen to the elder's stories. there is only one elder in the clan and she had just got Greencough. What do you do?
  2. You are now an apprentice. You have a chose to be a medicine cat apprentice or a warrior's apprentice. What do you chose?
  3. Your mentor wants you to spend your first day learning the warrior code, but you want to explore. Do you argue?
  4. You and your denmate are exploring the forest alone when a fox jumps in front of you! What do you do?
  5. You are in your first battle, you have just defeated another warrior but your clanmates are struggling! Who do you help?
  6. You are going to receive your Warrior name, what type of name do you want?
  7. it is leaf bare and your clan are hungry. You are out hunting alone when you just caught a plump black bird. the taste of the bird makes you even more hungry! do you eat the bird?
  8. Your clan leader gives you an apprentice called tinypaw who you soon find out to be a stubborn and disrespectful cat. How do you teach him a lesson?
  9. Your apprentice is going to get his warrior name, but you leader asks you before the gathering what you would like to call him. what do you say?
  10. THIS IS THE LAST QUESTION!! did you like this quiz? if you don't answer you won't find out your answer.....

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