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This quiz is to challenge your mind on warrior cats. Most of the questions are (hopefully) a little challenging. Please don't cheat other wise you are a dark forest cat!!!

At the end of the quiz you will get a ranking. If you cheat you are a dark forest cat! I hope you enjoy my quiz and please check out my warrior cat website nightwing&moonfur.

Created by: Moonfur

  1. What is Squirrelflight's favourite fresh kill?
  2. What mate would Crowfeather choose in StarClan?
  3. Who is Greystripe's mother and father?
  4. What happened to Poppydawn's littermates?
  5. Was Sandstorm ever in love with Dustpelt?
  6. What was Tigerclaw's(star) original name?
  7. Was Leopardstar really in love with Tigerstar?
  8. What would've been Ravenpaw's warrior name?
  9. Why did Echosong join SkyClan?
  10. Why did Spottedleaf die?

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