Wanna See A Real Dirty 7 Mins In Heaven?

So here's a quiz about seven minutes in heaven, obviously. I hate taking quizzes that claim to be dirty, when it's like a 2 year old created it. So yupp. READ NEXT PARAGRAPH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OKAY. Here's the deal: you will not report this quiz, its for entertainment and yeah. Please don't report it. Thanks. (: And i realized you could report it, so it's not the DIRTIEST one you'll find. I kinda got scared bout the reporting thing. But it IS pretty darn dirti.(:

Created by: Ronelle

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  1. Whats fav color?
  2. Pick a number:
  3. Pick a number again
  4. And again(:
  5. Pick a name
  6. Again please
  7. AGAIN
  8. I'm bored.
  9. What kinda guy you want?
  10. Almost done!! (wont help results)

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