Eternity in Heaven (like 7 minutes in heaven)

This is like the game "7 minutes in heaven" except even better! You'll love the results, if you can take jokes.

Seriously, though. If you can not take a joke, then do NOT take this quiz. I think the results are awesome. You might not. And you can NOT get mad at me. I warned you!

Created by: NotwhoyouthinkIam

  1. These questions are gonna be random. Just letting you know.
  2. Hi.
  3. Hmm... do you like odd numbers or even numbers.
  4. OK, lets get to some serious questions to find out who will be in the closet with you! :D choose a number.
  5. Choose a letter
  6. OK, so what would you WANT to do in the closet?
  7. You know... I just wish you didn't have to do 12 questions.
  8. ....
  9. I hope you read the opening paragraph...
  10. Last question! You sit in your chair and the person beside you says, "I sure hope I get Josh. He always wants to do "it" with girls" You say,

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