7 mins. in heaven with a Hogwarts boy!

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Hey guys! I decided to give this a try so don't hate me if it sucks! The results are, I hope, not too sappy, or awkward! I will try to give deep questions and meaningful answers along with results! Comment on how this was please!

Who will you spend seven minutes in heave with? The bad-boy death eater, the ginger pranksters, the jealous lion, the Scottish Quidditch Captain, the adorable Hufflepuff, the shy Gryffindor, or the hot chosen one? Find out! Accio quiz!

Created by: Pyra Potter
  1. Okay, so I've decided to try this out! If you don't like it tell me how I can make it better (please do NOT suggest dirty results!) and I'll try to incorporate it in the next one"”if I make another one! On with the quiz!
  2. You, Harry, Ron, Fred, George, Draco, Cedric, Oliver, and Neville are in detention for Snape because of various reasons. Fred and George dungbombed Snape. You, Harry, and Ron spoke out in class because Snape was being rude to Hermione. Cedric, Oliver, and Draco are in detention because they had a duel outside of Snape's office and ended up turning his robe pink, his hair orange, and sent him flying backwards into his office. Neville, as always, was in trouble for melting his cauldron. You were all to write lines about your punishment but Fred and George's lines said "I will drop more dungbombs on this greasy haired git in the future." Snape had left ten minutes ago and Harry, using the Marauder's Map, assured everyone that he would be gone for at least another hour owing to him being on the other side if the castle. Everyone sighed with relief and put their quills down. "Hey, ______, wanna play a game?" Harry asked you. "What game?" You asked skeptically. "Um"”" he started but Ron cut in. "Seven minutes in heaven?"
  3. "Okay, this room is full of guys and there's only one girl. You realize this right? Then how are we going to play?" You asked. "We'll give you questions and you answer. Whoever your most compatible with has to go with you in Snape's potion cupboard and spend seven minutes," Cedric explained. "Okay, I've nothing better to do," you sighed. "Great! We'll each ask you two questions okay," Oliver chimed. You nodded silently. Every boy in the room was trying to hide their smile, but they were failing miserably. You rolled your ______ eyes and smirked. "Shoot!" You smiled.
  4. "If you could have one thing in the entire world what would it be?" Neville asked.
  5. "Have you ever considered you aren't worth anything?" He continued.
  6. "How do you feel about yourself?" Cedric asked.
  7. "If you could create any spell what would it do?" He continued.
  8. "Who's your favorite teacher?" Draco asked.
  9. "If you could change any of the classes what would it be and how would you change it?" Draco finished.
  10. "Have you ever compared yourself to anyone?" Ron asked.
  11. "What's your favorite Quidditch team?" He finished.
  12. "What's your favorite shop in Diagon Alley?" Oliver asked.
  13. "What's your favorite broomstick model?" He continued.
  14. "What are you most afraid of?" Harry asked.
  15. "Where is your favorite place in the world?" He finished.
  16. "What do you mostly think about?" Fred asked.
  17. "What is your favorite prank?" George finished.
  18. "I think that's it don't you?" Fred asked as he leaned back in his chair. "Yeah," Oliver said. "Harry, how far is Snape?" Ron asked. "The git's four floors above us. More than enough time to finish our game," Harry answered and flashed a wink in your direction. "_______, your match is........." Cedric said as he matched up your answers with everyone else's.
  19. That's it! Feel free to take the quiz until you've read all results! Bye! Accio results!

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