A little long story

Ok this story is about a girl called Amy. Her best friends are Kate and Olivia. Ail is a 3 timer. Josh and Mac are ails boyfriends. Ali loves Ryan and so dos

And this quiz has 7 mins heaven in it! It's very dirty! So don't report me for it Plz! Well this was a quiz by HELLO!!!!!!!!!!! Ok got it! This quiz dose not have a point

Created by: HELLO

  1. Hello. There is my quiz! But before we get into it! I would like to say that you name is Amy. You are 18, about to get out of school!!! ( ) means I am speaking to u! / / means you thinking.
  2. You walk off the bus. To see you best friend Kate waving you over. It's you last 5weeks at school until your out of it! All the year 12s are acting crazy! Anway you walk over to Kate. "Hey Kate" you say bushing the hair out of your eyes. Kate just giggled! (About something) /What is she giggling about?/ Before you can ask her someone yells out "HEADS!" (in football, it mean each out ball comeing your way) you wach you head! But not you feet!! The ball hits you toe "Ow" you say painfully. Kate stops giggling and asks you "You ok?" you just nod, to say ok. A voice behind you says "Be careful Amy. I wont alway be around!" you look to see who the voice belonged to! To you wonder no one was there /who owned that voice/ "You ok Amy? You look like you have seen a ghost!" Kate asks worrying about you. /What's going on?/ "Diddnt you hear that?" you ask her back. "Hear what?" /Should I tell her?/ "Oh never mind! It's time to get to class!" you say
  3. You and Kate go your diffrent ways to class. You teacher Miss ladder, is waiting for u. "How are you all? Good I hope!!! So today's lesson is about -----deakin and ----Barton." The teacher say. /GREAT!!!! Just what I need to know! Stuff about it that I know/ I goes very slowly. The person you sit next to (Ail) is looking over at Mac. Ail lies to him all the time (they are going out) Ails a 2 timmer, she also going out with Josh. Josh and Mac know that's she is 2 timing they think it's the best thing ever. But she has a crush on Ryan. 3 timer, what next 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 100?, who knows? Mac looks back at her smiling!
  4. A few more classes pass. Until it's lunch time. You go outside and sit under a tree with Kate. "What was with the giggles?" you ask her. She look nervous for a sec " Well...." say stared to say and bush like crazy!! "Amy....Stop Kate before you says Ryans name" The voice said, it was back and it was helping her! "NEVER mind" you spit out before she say another word! Ryan walks past "Hey girls" he says to you and Kate. Kate giggles and could not help but smile. Kate runs off to you other bestie Oliva, because you want to wach the guys play football.
  5. The 'Main' players (Josh and mac) vs eachother. Mac beats Josh or I should say the other team! Josh get angry and starts fighting Mac. "Help them calm down.....Amy" the voice commands you. You do as he says "Guys calm down" you tell Josh and Mac. They listen to you. But you could not help to see the look on Ryans face. He was impressed with you! You look away and head off the find Kate.
  6. That's it sorry it's short!
  7. Ok since I am typing this we will do a little 7 mins in heaven ok there we go! 18 or 8
  8. If you picked 18. Josh walk in. He's to tall guy. He smashes other guys in football!! Inside your not so happy because you dont want a kid. He walks in and smacks your a$$. You sit down and say "Let's just talk" he nods. And moves closer to you then he pulls out a knife "want to die?" he asks you shake you head. "then don't yell" he says. He puts some tape over you mouth. And pulls off your top and pants. He pulls off his 2. He smiles and feels you bOObies and you thing, he pulls them off. You kisses you thing nice and slow! You Like it so you pull down his boxers. He untied to tape and kisses you! But then he pushes you to the ground. And sits on your bum and humps you! And flips you over and dose it to you ass! You grab his body and push it on you. Then you get dressed kiss for the rest of the time
  9. Mac walks in the killed you sorry
  10. Ok bye

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