How well could we get along?

So you think we could get along? Maybe you wanna see how well of friends we are. Maybe you wanna know if we could be a good couple. Take this quiz and find out what we have in common. You might be surprised at what you find out.

If you score low but we're best friends in real life then most likely we're friends because we're so opposite that we attract. If you score high but we never talk or we're not great friends then maybe we coule be.

Created by: Jacque

  1. Favorite color out of the following?
  2. Favorite fast food place?
  3. Favorite Sport out of the following?
  4. Favorite tv channel?
  5. Favorite type of music?
  6. Favorite Season?
  7. What word describes you best?
  8. Favorite Activity?
  9. Longest relationship you've had?
  10. Your Height?

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