True Gothic Test

This Quiz was made from questions from a Real Goth Bible. So if you think you know all about the Gothic ways you should take this quiz. At least you will know if you are True or not.

Well, are u a Real True Goth. You will find out in a few mins. I hope you do well. But, even if you fail like most other do then whatever. Good luck.

Created by: Shinzui!
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  1. What Year was Gothism Started?
  2. Who Started Gothism?
  3. How many types of the Gothic Bible are there
  4. What do True Gothic's Believe in?
  5. What do we believe in?
  6. Why do True Gothic's wear chains?
  7. What day is the Gothic holiday of suffering?
  8. Why do true Gothic's get Piercings?
  9. Why do True Gothic's wear Black?
  10. When do u know ur a True Gothic?
  11. Are True Gothic's Depressed People?
  12. Is Gothism a real religion?
  13. Do True Gothics Do spell.
  14. What does it take to become a true Immortal?

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