Wanna know how to look beautiful?

Hey, so, I assume that you want to know secrets to being pretty? So, you should really take this quiz because it will honestly tell you every single way

To be looking like a model on the magazines. You'll be surprised on how they dl it. Dont look it up ok the internet because the internet lies. LIES. -3-

Created by: Shadowmere
  1. Soooo, I'm assuming you want to know how to look pretty?
  2. I can tell you :3
  3. Do you want to know?
  4. Sure you want to know?
  5. Sureee?
  6. Super suuuure?
  7. Positive?
  8. Suuuper positive?
  9. I guess I can tell you :I
  10. Her goes nothing......

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