Happy Birthday {Aria's}

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Hi guys. This is just to celebrate my anniversary of my account on Gotoquiz. This is seriously awesome and I thank you all for supporting me all through everything.

All of you are just so beautiful. So beautiful I just wanna hug you. You were there for me through everything. Everyone of you are my everything. I love you x

Created by: Aria

  1. Happy Birthday to my gotoquiz account! Yes, it was on November 1st, 2011 I made an account. I've known gotoquiz long before but never made an account. I made one because of natuhleegayle. (:
  2. Guys, this day is special to me. Why? Because it's the beginning of my new world. My world where I could escape to. I met such wonderful people who I'm really close to now. Thank you all for being there for me. Words will never express how I feel about each and every one of you but it's worth a try right?
  3. Now, a reminder of my contests. I know my Hogwarts one is supposed to be dued yesterday but since I only got two entries, so I'm waiting for at least two more. Please? Here are the three contests xD Again...
  4. The first contest is for my first ever series, "A Simple Hogwarts Story." For those who know, I used to use another username but changed because I decided to use this one :D Well, see where I left off? I was hoping you can make a scene with one of the boys. Oliver, Draco, Harry, Ron, Neville, Fred, George for halloween. Any guy. Just remember, it must be at least three paragraphs long, not short XD. Erm, the deadline for this is the 19 of November, 2012 ! :D Enjoy. If you have ANY queries, ask me :)
  5. Now, the second contest is for Noitect is Activated. How do you think it should end? It must be a quiz long, not a very short one. It must be detailed, and well, goes with the story line. You will need to tell me what happened with the characters and if it's a good ending or a bad one. Erm, the due date is next month, same time. So it's the 19th of November, 2012. I hope you all participate. x
  6. Finally, the last contest. Yes, this is the one I'm excited about. Okay so I had this idea where one of you could make up a song, I'd send it to Harry's friend, Steve who'd send it to Harry. If you are interested, please enter. Hold yer hippogriffs though! That's what the winner gets. If your song is chosen, along with the winner's song, my band and I will sing it. In order for us to sing it, we'll have to give you credit :) and etc. Now everyone, you'll have to tell me the tune of the song. If you're using someone else's tune, you can just email me the link. My email is hallo_night@hotmail(.)com without the parenthesis! :) Hm, the due date for this is the same time as Noitect's due date. It's the 19th of November, 2012. The song has to be a romance, any amount of verses you like, even though I'd prefer four verses and the the chorus.:) Again, any queries you have, put it in the comment box :)
  7. If you don't want your song shown in the comments, email me :) I really hope you all participate and enjoy it!
  8. Did you hear Little Things by One Direction? It's AMAZING!
  9. Just remember, I love each and every one of you and you can always talk to me about anything! x
  10. Jump to the sky! x

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