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This world is full of pretty people but what makes a person pretty is judging by there heart and personality. Your personality says alot about you and if you have a good heart that is all the beauty you need.

Wanna know how pretty you are , wanna know where you are on the beauty charts then you will find out in a few minute from my quiz so hang on chill and take the quiz select your answers wisely.

Created by: Rachael

  1. Hello I hope you enjoy my quiz. Anyway let's get started!! Ready?
  2. How much effort do you put into your physical appearance?
  3. Do you wear any makeup? At all?
  4. Do you prefer eyeglasses or contacts?
  5. Describe your figure
  6. Describe your hair
  7. What's your hair style?
  8. Describe your personality
  9. What's your best feature?
  10. How pretty do you think you are?
  11. How do you think you did on this quiz?
  12. One more question. How do you smile?

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