Victorious Trivia Quiz

There are many, many good TV shows in the universe. One of the best kid's one is simply without a doubt, Victorious. It stars some of my favorite young actors like Victoria Justice.

How well do you know Victorious? Do you know even more then the producers themselves? Well, in this quiz, you can find out and test your Victorious knowledge.

Created by: Lily
  1. Who is the older sister of Tori?
  2. What color is Cat's hair dyed?
  3. Which of Andre's relatives is scared of everything?
  4. What group of girls is Rex interested in?
  5. As of the start of Feb. 2012, what season is Victorious on?
  6. What causes the damage to Elvis's guitar in "Andre's Horrible Girl"?
  7. What is the name of the little girl Tori and Jade leave hanging from the ceiling in "Wok Star"?
  8. What is the name of the little kid's band Tori, Cat, Andre, Jade, Beck, and Robbie make for a gig?
  9. What is the classmate's name that Tori gets used by in season 2?
  10. What boots do Cat get obsessed with in "Jade Gets Crushed"?
  11. (easy question) Who's van does the gang get stuck in "Survival of the Hottest"? (AKA "Stuck in an RV")

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