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  • I liked the quiz. However, yup88, the answer is not true, it's false, because that wasn't a ghost. It was (I'm guessing) merely the soul, who came back when the stone was turned. But then, Harry dropped it, and the vanished (physically).

    Dumb ldefore once said, "Do you think the loved ones that we loved ever truly die? You did see your father, Harry. You found him inside of yourself."

    They became a part of Harry.

    However, a ghost is when the soul is physically there. He cannot go away, he is there for eternal.

    Hope I got my point through! :)

  • Frege, you are mostly right, except that they were really just echoes, not souls that appeared (like when Harry and Voldemort's wands connect in HP 4) Oh, and Issy, you spelled Rowle's first name wrong.

  • i dont no if anyone noticed, but the question about sirius black coming back as a ghost. the answer is actually true. if u remember, in the seventh book when harry is walking through the dark forest to go meet voldemort his parents and sirius appear along with others.

  • i didnt answer the questions. my friend did.she is always reading the books

  • i got 50% some ofthese questions are really hard but some easy

  • 70%!!!!!!!i think i should have done better since i've read the books so much

  • i got a 60% :/ well it HAS been 2 years since i read em. maybe ill read em again. :D


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