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  • I'm sweet wen we get fangs and powers

    Willlol023 Dec 13 '12, 2:31AM
  • hey metal head you might think vamps are monsters but they are not bam !!! you got told by a girl !!!!!!!!!

    chelsey May 18 '12, 10:05AM
  • all of you dark vampire you come over to canada and go to newbrunswick tasabintac and go to covedell rode know lol im wizzard vampire lol want to meat me dark ones come right me im most nicest vampire only suck my on blood and i got little vags lol and i got gold wand

    alexandermce Nov 6 '11, 5:31PM
  • Looks up ip addresses to find dinner and entertainment :)

    eeiiee May 5 '11, 5:56AM
  • Looks up ip addresses to find dinner and entertainment :)

    eeiiee May 5 '11, 5:45AM
  • Angelic Vampire...

    Selena112 Apr 10 '11, 11:15AM
  • 1.Angelic vampire
    2.Lustful Vampire
    3.Sweet Vampire
    4.Dark Vampire

    Jinxed Mar 16 '11, 12:41AM
  • good quiz try to make a vampier slayer quiz next time k the fall is out lawl

    FALLOUT78 Dec 14 '10, 10:05PM
  • lol i am a sweet vampier i am very nice :D

    FALLOUT78 Dec 14 '10, 10:03PM
  • Dark vampire...

    xXvampiregirlXx Jun 7 '10, 12:09PM
  • lol Dark vampire... Sweetest was the last thing on the list, ranking a whopping zero. XD

    mgirl60 Apr 4 '10, 6:44PM
  • ium a dark followed by lustful i can deal with tht lol :)

    15bellz Oct 13 '09, 7:33PM
  • LOL! Dark, closely followed by lustful.

    With absolutely no sweet or whatever other thing this is.

    Boerdom cured. :D

    struck down Sep 30 '09, 11:17PM
  • I'm a sweet vampire. Woohoo!

    Anastasia Aug 27 '09, 1:14AM
  • Im the sweet vampire. Cool beans....I dont like to hurt ppl and especially not try and get them in bed. O.O' wtf...All I wanna know is....Why? Why have a lustful vampire....Thats just weird. Anyway, nice job on the quiz. I give u 8 stars :) Keep up the good work

    NekoGirl09 Aug 26 '09, 11:00AM
  • Ima sweet vampire....nice lol

    Carri04 Jun 27 '09, 10:13PM
  • Im a Sweet Vampire, never heard of one lol

    Lamendar May 31 '09, 9:27PM
  • Wooooo! I'm a Lustful Vampire

    kirachii Nov 24 '08, 5:25PM
  • dark vampire............ ..i have nothing to say except bring on the blood byoatch!

    T_nirvana_freak_gina Jul 28 '08, 8:42AM
  • hmmm... lutful/sexual.... =D

    XxKiTTiExX Apr 11 '08, 3:37AM
  • Dark Vampire? i can deal with that... ;]

    mcrlover Apr 10 '08, 10:47PM

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