Vampire Peak part 14

this is part 14 of my vampire peak series i thought i could at least write two more parts for taking so long so here it is you know the drill leave suggestions and comment to tell me how good it is!

do you have what it takes to date one of my vampires? Blake? Justin? Possibly troy? hurry find out now before they're taken! -Jade Black! Team Jacob!

Created by: Jade Black

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  1. you fall to the ground weeping in a small little girl voice. "Mommy? please wake up," you wine, the guys are blaming each other for your mother but you ignore them and just cry on your mother's corpse. all of the sudden all goes silent. no guys, no nothing. you feel a hand on your shoulder. you look up and see Grant. you gasp
  2. Grant sprays something at you and you black out. next thing you remember is seeing all these girls being carried and laid on beds. you black out again. when you open your eyes you see someone looking down at you. it was Misty!
  3. you sit up so quickly that you two head butt. "What'd you do that for?" she hisses, you glare at her then spit in her face. she smacks you upside the head after wiping the spit off her face. you try to fight back but your hands are chained to the bed.
  4. "That's right princess, the queen is fed up with you. she's just gonna throw you with the rest of the outcasts." "And where is that exactly?" "A vampire slave trade!" she says as if it were obvious. "The boys didn't tell you what happens after you get an offer by the queen?" you shake your head. she flips her hair to the side and scoffs. "Figures you're nothing to them, they don't even care about you." she says in her face. you try bite her with your fangs but she backs away too quickly. "Tsk, tsk tsk" she shakes her finger at you. "You are going to be a valuable trade." she says then walks off. "That's right you better keep walking blondie!" you shout. she looks back and smiled wickedly. "I would kill you but i have a better idea in mind, you are going to be sold to a very wealthy slave driver. also he's a well i guess you could say he's not very nice with women." she winks and walks off.
  5. a different women comes to you and hands you a dress. it's different than what you think it would be something slutty but it was like a midevil dress, it was just gold! no trim no nothing but a plain gold midevil dress!
  6. once you're ready a blindfold is tied over your eyes so o=you can't see your master. you're guided to a stage it felt like under your golden pumps. there are cheers when you come into sight. your put into a certain place on the stage. you hear bids for thousands of dollars it was a slave auction!
  7. you think your the one getting sold off because there are people talking about "the princess". when you hear a certain voice say "Ten million dollars!" you know that voice! but you can't put your finger on it
  8. each time a number came out someone's mouth it was one million higher than the last bidder. until it was settled. you jump when you hear a hammer pound on a table. "Sold! to the Prince of Belanesia!" there was clapping and someone grabbed you from under your arm and dragged you away.
  9. when you hear footsteps come in front of you the blind fold is taken off but there was some sort of stinging in your eyes. but everything you see is burry. the man in front of you is just as blurry as a puddle after a rock has been thrown into it.
  10. you hear a voice say your name but you can't make out the face then it clicks...

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